“DAIDA BACK TO THE OCEAN” a short documentary about Daida Ruano Moreno by the young Gran Canarian filmmaker & windsurfer Pablo Ramírez from SaltyDrops, aims for Spain’s biggest cinema award, the Goya Awards 2024. The film is nominated as “best short documentary film”. And the best thing is, you can watch the film for free now!! It’s available on Youtube but only within the upcoming 10 days.

We are super excited and impressed with how the film is traveling through cinema festivals, and we would like to keep the momentum going and offer it online for free exclusively for 10 days on Youtube, from the 17th to the 27th November 2023. Subtitled to English, French, German and Italian.We would like to reach everyone in our windsurfing family, so may it help to any single person that might be struggling or on anything else in life, we wish this courage message and personal story from Daida to help! Pablo Ramírez about the nomination of the film for the Goya Awards 2023

The film is a  biographical documentary that narrates her fight against cancer. The 18 times windsurfing world champion, Daida Ruano Moreno, is the protagonist of this short biographical documentary and it narrates one of the lesser known stages of her sporting career, which was marked by her fight against cancer. In 2012, the 18-time windsurfing World Champion underwent surgery for ovarian cancer and this milestone marks the storyline of the short film. All the profits generated will go to raise awareness and donations to the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

DAIDA BACK TO THE OCEAN – Short documentary (length 25:04 min)