Bonaire Freestyle 2017 ft. Amado, Taty Frans, Kiri & Co

Bonaire is one of the freestyle windsurfing hot spots and offers flat water, stable wind and warm weather all around the year. Amado Vrieswijk, Taty Frans – he is on 2018 gear, Kiri Thode, who is on a JP freestyle board, Cheppi Gustowski, Oda Johanne and many more show great action. And the day in paradise ends around the bonfire.

Angela “Angie” Koch: “Instead of just waiting with a broken hand at the beach I started to film the windsurfers in Bonaire. Everyone should see this wonderful place, a paradise for freestyle and slalom windsurfing! We are a big family here, living our passion and having fun together.”

Freestyle windsurfing action from Bonaire, filmed by Angie Koch during February 2017


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Hey Angie!

Cool Video! You have better conditions than in el medano (today again light wind freestyle with 5.7.).

Regards from tenerife
Anina & Chris


Thanks, see you soooon