“I know Balz Müller is crazy but for this I have no words!!!” (Steven van Broeckhoven) or “It’s confirmed he is NUTS.” (Ben Proffitt) or “Sick maaan! Jajaa.” (Ricardo Campello). Those were some of the reactions on Balz Müller’s Instagram post from yesterday evening. Balz propels himself through the air like there’s no tomorrow: Viking loop, Shifty 720s, Pasko, etc

working on the hippoflip #hippoballz #windsurfing #windsurfingtv #continentseven still spinning… ?

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Vikingloop Markus Rydberg

The Viking Loop – Markus Rydberg
In 2015 the Swedish Markus Rydberg landed his version of a Push loop. I”t basically started with me trying to get my tweaked pushloops in on port tack. Got one really wrong that Gustav caught on camera. We figured out, while watching it on the computer, that it could be a new kind of loop.” Check it out.