Anton Munz – Windskating

Anton Munz studied sports at the Christian-Albrechts-University (CAU) in Kiel, Germany and he is one of the most dedicated wind skaters. As part of his undergraduate thesis he and Tom Köhn worked on a short video about windskating. It’s great to see that wind skating makes it into undergraduate thesis. It’s not a sport done by the masses, but it’s an individual modification of skateboarding and windsurfing. And Anton has got incredible skills and makes look moves quite similar to windsurfing moves on the water. Well done Anton and Tom and congrats to your degree Mr. Windskate!!

I had the chance to write my bachelor thesis about this sport and came up with the idea to create a short clip, which shows the possibilities of the activity. There wasn’t much time to finish it, but we tried our best ;). (Anton Munz)

Anton Munz with finest wind skating action filmed by Tom Köhn



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