24 year old Alex Grand-Guillot (F-585) is a talented wave windsurfer from France. He now started his own web series called ALEX’s WORLD. Here’s his first episode. Alex lives in the Normandy and his home spot is Urville-Naqueville, an excellent wave spot. It’s perfect to live next to the Atlantic sea, where waves and wind show up in good quality from time to time. Alex lives a healthy life. He is fit and works hard to collaborate with several partners from the windsurfing industry and from the region. Just watch the first episode! The drone shots are great!! The video shows how beautiful the spots in this area of France are and what an excellent windsurfer Alex is. Baptiste Dupont from Azeta Production filmed Alex at the spots Biville and Urville in La Manche. Alex added subtitles. Just click on the button below the video to add them.

The number of episodes and the time between each one is still to be defined but the format is simple, we wanted to first present my environment and the life of a young Windsurfer at the beginning of his professional career. In the hope of motivating young people and people in general to live life to the fullest. We also want to show a lot of good moments, little stories to make it fun and enjoyable to watch with a high quality video!  Alex Grand-Guillot

ALEX’s WORLD – Web Series part 1 about his life at home in the Normandy, France

Filmed by Baptiste Dupont / Azeta Production