“As far as we can” is a new blog series created by Adam Sims, with himself and Riccardo Marca. They both travel in Adam’s van accross cold Norway to the Lofoten. Autumn is the time of the year, when the days start to get shorter and shorter and the first snow arrives at sea level, too. 

In the second episode they reach the Lofoten and give a sneak peak at the spots they visited. The Lofoten are an island chain consisting of 80 islands with little population and untouched nature. Adam and Riccardo get joined by Adam’s girlfriend Alina Shalin and Estonian photographer Jaanus Ree. 

We don’t see much sports action in this Behind the scenes clip but the final movie is dropping on December 1. 

As far as we can – BTS in the Arctic Circle Ep. 2 featuring Adam Sims, Alina Shalin and Riccardo Marca

As far as we can – BTS in the Arctic Circle Ep. 1

If you haven’t watched the first episode of the “As Far As We Can” series. Here we go.

It’s an entertaining first Behind The Scenes vlog, which shows a lot of raw footage. Unfortunately Adam injured his face with a cut on his left temple but after some stitches he was able to continue the trip. The goal of their trip is alive: they want to reach the Lofoten.