4 moves – Alessio Stillrich

Unfortunately Gran Canaria local and Mr. Tweaked Pushloop Alessio Stillrich smashed his tibia and fibula into pieces and injured a ligament during an Aerial in Cape Town. Alessio has already undergone surgery but will be up to 6 months off the water. We wish a speedy recovery!

In the meantime we want to show you a great run from Alessio landing 4 moves in a row in Pozo Izquierdo. Thanks to Christian from Pozo Clinics for the clip.

Watch a Tweaked Push loop, a Forward, a Back loop and a double Forward loop in one run. We hope we will see Alessio performing like this soon again.

Alessio Stillrich

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Such a shame! I would have loved to see him on a podium this year. Hadnt had quite the results he is capable of, yet.Hope you make it back quickly mate!


totallly agree with you. In competitions he was not very lucky and others were very lucky in some heats against him. Very consistent wave-moves and now the good double would give him chances for podium.


Planing through every jump, this kind of flow should count in competitions!!


Pozo windsurfing explained in 30 sec. ! Flawless! Wish him a speedy recovery.