From the 17th till the 21st of July the 2013 Gorge Freestyle Frenzy & Big Air took place at the Hatchery, Gorge. The wind was up and the event  saw great action: big Shakas, high Back Loops, fast Ponches, Funnels, crazy Push Loops and flying champagne at the award ceremony. It’s just an extreme spot with very strong wind conditions. The current of the river goes against the wind direction and builds up steep ramps. Big container ships are moving up and down the river. And there is always a green background from the opposite shore, as the Gorge is a river. Almost 40 riders were competing. The results are posted  below the video.

The next event on the AWT tour has been the Quatro Desert Showdown at Punta San Carlos, Baja California, which will be started on July 27th and run till the August 1st 2013.


High wind power freestyle windsurfing from the Gorge Freestyle Frenzy & Big Air 2013

Filmed and edited by: Adam Wojtkowiak


Results 2013 Freestyle Frenzy Results

Super Frenzy Rankings

1. Bryan Metcalf-Perez

2. Wyatt Miller

3. Tysan Poor


Gorge Style

1. Mitch Gingrich

2. Jake Miller

3. JP Bowles


Women Freestyle

1. Ingrid Larouche

2. Roxanne Christensen

3. Laura Miller


Pro Jump Off:

1. Dale Cook 18.86

2. Sean Aiken 14.12

3. Bryan Metcalf-Perez 14


Amateur Jump Off:

1. Steven Max 10.65

2. Tom Soltysiak 8.41 

3. Sofien Sehiri 7.13


Women Jump Off:

1. Ingrid Larouche 7.53

2. Roxanne Christensen 7.01

3. Tanya Fersuson 6.89

4. Sam Bittner 5.22

5. Laura Miller 5.1


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