Heading South – The Film

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“When thinking about windsurfing in South America, the first places that come to your mind are the famous Brazilian hotspots like Jericoacoara or Icarazino. But there are so many other places to discover in this part of the huge continent. On our three week trip, we found some unique windsurfing spots in the middle of the Argentinian desert, on lakes close to the Andes Mountains and in front of some of the biggest Southamerican glaciers.” (Stefan Csáky, Director of Heading South)


Follow Austrian pro windsurfer Marco Lang and reigning IFCA Slalom windsurfing Worldchampion Gonzalo Costa Hoevel on an epic 9000km road trip through Gonzalo’s home country – Argentina, the eight biggest country on our planet!  It’s a beautiful film about free racing in the inland of Argentina, which inspires to get your gear packed and travel to a country you’ve never sailed before.

The movie shows, how beautiful windsurfing on a lake can be. Marco and Gonzalo sailed at the following lakes: Cuesta del Viento, Lago Nahuel Huapi at Bariloche and Lago Argentino in front of the Perito Moreno glacier. A bit of Que Guevara feeling, traveling across a huge country.


Don’t miss to read our interview with the brain of the project Stefan Csàky: HEADING SOUTH INTERVIEW WITH STEFAN CSÁKY



directed by: stefan csáky
concept by: marco lang, gonzalo costa hoevel & stefan csáky
camera by: stefan csáky & matthias “motz” zimmermann
edited by: antonia adelsberger & stefan csáky
soundmix & titels by: lelo brossmann
music by: Destroyed but not defeated, Opien, The Beth Edges, Bunny Lake, Cadillac Tramps

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Don’t miss to read our interview with the brain of the project Stefan Csàky



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  • andre says:

    Very nice! The best I,ve seen! Great images! Congratulations!

  • oh says:

    great video

  • JessR says:

    Nice video and pictures !
    But the ecological message at the beginning loose a little of its strenght after we see a more than 18000kms trip with a big pick up at full speed…

    • yes, you are 100% right…! beeing a windsurfer traveling the world is in general not very ecological correct…if you are not living at the sea or a lake, then you have to harm your enviroment if you want to do what you love. and even a sail or a board is not made of eco-correct materials. for me i will continue to drive a car, i will go by plane, etc…but i will try to aviod to harm nature as much as i can, whereever i can, whenever i can…! and no, we didnt do the whole 9400km trip with 200km/h…;)

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  • Dimitri says:

    What a great road trip! Very inspiring, and I think Monty speaks for every one of us. Thanks guys, we really needed this!

  • FCA says:

    very nice atmosphere. what´s the song around 15:55? can´t find it from the interpreters written above…

  • orlando says:

    nice, well done guys!

  • carlos says:

    Gran alegría ver este genial video de Argentina! Felicitaciones a todo el equipo por el gran trabajo. Los esperamos en Puerto Madryn! Sean bienvenidos.

  • georgi says:

    A huge “yeah” for the movie guys!! Keep the pace.

  • Alejandro says:


    Thanks so much for te video. You are a great ambassador for our sport, and also for Argentina.

    For those that have not visited Argentina, you should do it at least once in your life. For those that do not know how to windsurf, you should learn how to do it, and you will do it for life. Or maybe you can try to do both, like Gonzalo.

    The video is great because it reflects the best of our sport. It’s not just the feeling and emotions of blasting on a board in the wind. It’s adventure. It’s discovery. It’s humbling. It’s love for nature. It’s camaraderie and respect for other windsurfers, irrespective of skill level. I have traveled my share, and always found that windsurfers are, for some reason, always great people, no matter where they are from, what language they speak, or where they sail.

    Thank you again.