Zdenek Maryzko, the Czech wave sailor, who lives and works in Tarifa, travelled to Maui this spring. He attended in the Naish photo shooting for the first time and tried his best in the waves of Ho’okipa. The video shows how difficult the conditions are and that you need to have good swimming skills at that spot. The water on the inside looks like a wild river with a lot of current and a possible climb over the huge boulders isn’t too much fun either. Well done Zdenek!

Zdenek Maryzko: I was in Maui from 10th of March till 10th of April and I was very lucky with wind and waves. In one month I had around 25 windy days in Ho’okipa and most of the time on 4.5m and 4.7m with a 82l wave board. It was a best trip so far and I will definitely come back.


Tarifa resident Zdenek Maryzko windsurfed in the waves at Ho’okipa, Maui, Hawaii in May 2019