Yarden Meir from Israel has a unique style. He executes many of his freestyle moves with the extra tweak or twist. And sometimes he crashes damn hard!! Watch some of his best moves and crashes filmed during his 2019 trip through Europe. From Greece to Italy, Spain and many more places. Action guaranteed!

“I can’t find the words to describe this one… Thanks to everybody along the way who made this possible! I gathered some videos that friends took from me during my last trip around Europe (nothing too professional). I got great conditions, I met great new people and had amazing times with old friends. I got to windsurf in many new spots and felt the kind of happiness that you feel when you windsurf almost every day. We are all very lucky to have windsurfing in our lives.” (Yarden Meir from Israel)

Yarden Meir travelled across Europe in search of great freestyle windsurfing conditions