Yann Rifflet & Leysa Perotti live their dream in Brazil – EP 03

Leysa Perotti & Yann Rifflet live their dream in Ibiraquera, Brazil. They discuss in their third episode “FREERIDERS – a wave of life” the art of waveriding. Leysa’s parents are into art and Leysa has painting in her genes. They compare riding waves with drawing lines during painting. It’s a nice comparison. Riding a wave is like art. Ibiraquera is definitely a famous place for waveriding. Former Brazilian Wave World Champion Kauli Seadi used to live there and created his unique style in wave windsurfing there. 

“FREERIDERS – a wave of life” – Episode 3: Leysa Perotti & Yann Rifflet about the art of waveriding

Produced by Diego Martins

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