Yann Rifflet spent another in Ibiraquera, Brazil. The place is like his second home and he knows the spots very well in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. It’s the area where Kauli Seadi grew up and learnt to ride waves. It’s an excellent playground for windsurfing with great wind conditions and waves on both tacks and even flat water lagoons for freestyle windsurfing. Yann released a really nice video and shows that his skills are getting better and better each year: stylish wave riding, great Aerials off the lip and tweaked airs. Good job Yann!

Yann Rifflet: “I have a house here at Ibiraquera for a few years now, so I can spend the whole European winter in Brazil, from October till April more or less. Enjoying the conditions, both windsurfing and SUPsurfing when there’s no wind… Usually the wind is good for 4,7 /4,5 with a 75 liter wave board, with waves between 1,5 and 3 meters!  65% per week the conditions are great with almost always cross-offshore wind, close to perfect! The conditions were a little bit different this year influenced by “El Nino” weather phenomenon, with a little bit more rain and less wind, but anyway, lots of down the line wave riding sessions! The rest of the year I’m on the Ile de Ré working in my Sushi Bar, offering original “Brazilian style” sushi to French people!”

filmed by: Leysa Perotti & Mathias


Yann Rifflet in Ibiraquera, Brazil in the winter 2015/2016