Yann Rifflet enjoys the time at Ibiraquera a lot and improved his wave skills during the last week a lot. He sailed at Kauli Seadi’s home spot several times a week in excellent wave conditions and even went for flat water freestyle sessions in the lagoon, when the swell was down. Yann, who is almost a local there, sent us a few infos about the spot. Read more and click in the cool clip. Yann lands a few excellent air moves, like a perfect Cheese Roll, a perfect Table Top, a few Ponches (even onehanded)…


Yann Rifflet: “I’m living now half year here where I’m working with my wife Leysa on our guesthouse  and every windy day I am lucky to sail on those magical conditions… The best period is between September and January, but anyway, you can get perfect conditions almost anytime ! It’s really different from the “nordeste” wind of Brasil (Jericoacoara or Sao Miguel do Gostoso) ! The wind  is not as “guaranteed” and as strong, but you get real waves almost every day, and you have a really nice and green landscape… The wind is cross off shore, a little bit lighter on the inside, so it’s not the perfect spot for jumping, but really nice for wave riding! And you even have a lagoon just behind the beach for freestyle windsurfing or just to improve your jibes in flat water conditions!”   


Yann Rifflet in waves at Ibiraquera, Brazil