Merlin Libicky & Alexis Vangelis Heidinger, two young windsurfers from Austria,  produced their “WINTER STORMCHASE PODERSDORF // sunrise till sunset” video last December 2021, when a storm front hit eastern Austria. Podersdorf is well known for the shallow water and the steep chop. The spot at Lake Neusiedl works all around the year. Only when the surface is covered with ice it’s not possible to hit the water. The boys were lucky and enjoyed their sessions. It’s tough to windsurf in 3° air temperature and ice-cold 4° water and to produce a video like they both did. They managed to capture onboard action, drone shots and action /land shots. Thumbs up!!

It was a couple of days before Christmas, the streets were filled with people buying presents, getting all their holiday preparations done. But the strong wind-gusts blowing through the city blew this busy atmosphere away from us. The only thing we could think about was Windsurfing. The Christmas presents could wait, but we couldn’t hold still and potentially miss an amazing session. So we packed our stuff and left Vienna at 4am so that we would be, rigged and ready to shoot at Lake Neusiedl right for sunrise…Merlin Libicky about their recent storm chase video


WINTER STORMCHASE PODERSDORF // sunrise till sunset – a winter windsurfing video

Produced by Merlin Libicky & Alexis Vangelis Heidinger