The Müller brothers, Balz, Jakob & Clemens – are chasing the biggest storms in their home country Switzerland. Just yesterday they braved another massive Foehn storm at the famous spot Isleten at Lake Uri. The boys enjoyed the brutal 3.0m conditions and the the action is amazing: stalled Forwards, crazy Shifties, Shifty into Back loops, Back loops, Push loops, Table Tops, Burners, Skopus, wild crashes & a lot of spray…The video “Windy as hell!” is powerful and the metal music increases the feeling to be in the middle of the storm when watching the video. One day we want to ride at Lake Uri, too.

Nic Hibdige filmed the wild scenery and extreme action. He visited Balz in Switzerland but unfortunately he wasn’t able to hit the water as he currently has a broken rib. 


“Windy as hell!” Radical storm windsurfing action from Isleten, Lake Uri, Switzerland featuring the Müller bros

Filmed by Nic Hibdige