Jump Tail Grab – Jaeger Stone

2020-07-02T23:50:34+02:00July 2nd, 2020|

Normally windsurfers grab their tail during small jumps but Jaeger does it during a high jump in strong wind conditions.

Jump – Balz Müller

2020-04-23T23:11:44+02:00December 31st, 2016|

Balz Müller jumps into another year. Happy Birthday and good luck for the year ahead!

Jump – Nic Hibdige

2020-05-27T14:25:25+02:00September 12th, 2016|

UK windsurfer Nic Hibdige hits a knee-high ramp, takes off for a nice jump and lands planing.

Jump – Robby Swift

2020-05-28T00:57:30+02:00June 4th, 2015|

This jump by Robby Swift is not an active jump where he is aiming for big airtime or height, he is more skipping the wave.