Aerial Tweaked – Philip Köster

2020-01-06T23:56:18+01:00January 6th, 2020|

It's pretty rare to see big Aerials in side onshore conditions. This Aerial by multiple PWA Wave World Champion Philip Köster is even tweaked.

Aerial Frontside – Marc Pare

2020-12-13T18:03:22+01:00December 22nd, 2019|

We captured this nice Aerial from Marc Pare during one of the rare south swells at Gran Canaria's east coast.

Aerial Frontside – Jaeger Stone

2019-10-30T17:38:53+01:00October 30th, 2019|

It is not easy to land a Frontside Aerial in windy side onshore conditions but Australian windsurfer Jaeger Stone is one of the windsurfers, who can do it.