Tropical cyclone Pam produced some great wave riding conditions at Pungarehu, Taranaki, New Zealand. The place is known as a world class wave spot and is probably the best area for wave sailing. Taranaki is located on the northern island and catches a lot of swell as the peninsula is pointing out in the ocean in western direction. Christophe Massa, who moved from Belgium to Oakura, Taranaki 6 years ago, enjoyed riding waves with endless turns during a day in March 2015. The waves lined up cleanly and the wind blew side to side-off, what’s the ideal combination for Pungarehu. Highly recommended months for windsurfing are February until May.


At Pungarehu you will meet a  lot of local riders with great skills. Be careful and watch out for the big rocks underneath the water. These spots aren’t the most easy ones to launch. Check the spots during low tide and check out the big rocks before you go out. The weather is extremely variable at the exposed peninsula. High and low pressure systems arrive alternately. It can be extremely humid. During the European summer you can windsurf in chilly conditions at the sea and go snowboarding in the mountains at the same time.


Wave riding in clean waves at Pungarehu, Taranaki, New Zealand