Russian freestyle windsurfer Vladimir Yakovlev had a summer freestyle session at home, in Taganrog, Russia, located at the Sea of Azov.

Vladimir Yakovlev: “This video was made in my home town Taganrog, where I tried windsurfing for the first time. It’s an interesting feeling to be here again with much better skills. You can see the spot differently and find some new possibilities and benefits. For 1,5 hours riding I made a big show. The local riders were amazed by seeing those high jumps. It was also a great fun for me, especially when I could rescue some water toys while riding. I found out that it was possible to jump straight into a rubber ring without stopping and ride further with a ring on me. There is also a huge hydroplane BE-200, symbol of our town, that we see quite often when it lands on a water and  collects water in case of fires.”

Russian freestyle windsurfer Vladimir Yakovlev windsurfs at his home spot in Taganrog, Russia