The final day of the 2018 Tenerife PWA World Cup saw lighter winds but solid waves, which allowed the final few heats of the Men’s Double Elimination completed, while unfortunately the conditions deteriorated with only 4 girls left standing in the Women’s Double Elimination – meaning the podium remains unchanged. At the end of the event, it is Iballa Moreno and Victor Fernandez, who walk away with the top honours, which means both of them lead the respective world title races with one event to go.

Check out the highlights from the final day of the event.

Video Final Day Highlights – 2018 PWA Tenerife World Cup

Result 2018 PWA World Cup Tenerife

Result MEN
1. Victor Fernandez
2. Jaeger Stone
3. Adam Lewis
4. Ricardo Campello
5. Philip Köster
6. Marcilio Browne
7. Jules Denel
7. Omar Sanchez
9. Marc Pare
9. Leon Jamaer
9. Dieter van der Eyken
9. Robby Swift
13. Julian Salmonn
13. Klaas Voget
13. Daniel Bruch
13. Alex Mussolini
17. Thomas Traversa
17. Josep Pons
17. Moritz Mauch
17. Marino Gil Gherardi
17. Jose Gollito Estredo
17. Camille Juban
17. Arthur Arutkin
17. Antoine Martin
25. Martin ten Hoeve
25. Jacopo Testa
25. Loick Lesauvage
25. Dario Ojeda
25. Ben Proffitt
25. Morgan Noireaux
25. Miguel Chapuis
25. Pablo Ramirez Bolanos

Result WOMEN
1. Iballa Moreno
2. Sarah-Quita Offringa
3. Daida Moreno
4. Justyna Sniady
5. Lina Erpenstein
6. Steffi Wahl
7. Arrianne Aukes
7. Ulrike Hölzl
9. Caterina Stenta
9. Nicole Bandini
9. Birgit Rieger
9. Maaike Huvermann