German windsurfer, event organizer and video producer Valentin Böckler spent a part of his winter time in Cape Town, South Africa. He enjoyed the freestyle sessions a lot and additionally he cruised around with a borrowed old Mercedes or captured some nice drone shots. All in all it’s a nice video, which is also a little advert for his new German car partner. Well done Valentin. Enjoy the ride in Germany.

Valentin Böckler: “Last year I won the Mercedes-Benz Tow in Nightshow during the Surffestival on Fehmarn. Won a Mercedes V-class for three months, and the feeling to drive this car was unreal! So I’m super happy to get this feeling back and now I’m on the road again with my Mercedes-Benz Vito – the perfect Surfer van!”

Valentin Böckler tells his Cape Town story 2017