Tonky Frans (NB-7), born in 1983 on Bonaire, stopped to compete in 2019. As a kid Everon Bryan Frans was fascinated by Tonka cars, and got his nickname “Tonky”. His windsurfing career started at the age of 10. With 16 he already participated in competitions and in 2000 he started to compete more internationally at bigger events. From 2001 onwards he participated in the PWA (18 years), became King of the Caribbean in 2002 (in Bonaire) and made it overall in 3th place in 2009. And in 2018 – it was his last year competing internationally – he won the EFPT overall title. What a great end of a very successful professional career. 

Of course, Tonky is still windsurfing, when the conditions are on in Bonaire. And he is mixing the old moves with the new moves and it looks so smooth. Additionally he gives lessons in the Frans Paradise windsurfing center. Wouldn’t it be great to get a lesson from Tonky? Bonaire has not had a strong corona outbreak so far. Let’s hope it will stay like that and windsurfers, who love the warm weather, the perfect lagoon and everything else can travel to the windsurfing paradise without too many restrictions.

Tonky Frans with finest freestyle-wave windsurfing action from Lac Cai, Bonaire – Video by Kuma Movie

Produced by Kuma Movie