The Irish wave sailor Timo Mullen has released a new clip with action filmed at his favourite spot in Ireland. “September has been pretty epic with wind and waves nearly every day, Magheroarty is the main spot, most of the action is shot on the reef and beachbreak,” Timo Mullen said. Last weekend the Magheroarty Wave Classic took place and Timo has won the event. 

Watch Timo’s new video which is great as always and read the interview below.


Timo Mullen at Magheroarty, Ireland

Video by Tam Mullen


Timo tell us about the Magheroarty Wave Classic?
The Magheroarty Wave Classic has always been ‘the event’ on the Irish Wave Circuit, obviously Magheroarty gets amazing conditions but the event is also renowned for the crazy social scene.  The contest has not happened for quite a few years but a polish windsurfer from Dublin Thomas Lotocki had the brilliant idea to revive the contest.  Thomas did an amazing job and pulled off one of the best organised events i’ve ever been to! The event also was in memory of Mikey Clancy, all his family were there and we were able to scatter Mikeys ashes into the waves at his favourite section of the beach.
How were the conditions for the contest?
Pretty epic really, we did get lucky, the forecast was not looking great but as it always seems to happen in Magheroarty the wind and waves turned on! The first day we had glassy 6ft surf in the morning then the wind kicked in about lunch time perfect side offshore 5.0m weather, so yeah we sailed the contest all day in logo /mast high until dark.  The organisers were so well organised we had the pro fleet sailing on the reef and at the same time the amateurs were being judged on the beach break.
How did you get on in the contest?
I was lucky to have won the event, i’m really stoked to win this event as Magheroarty is where i grew up wavesailing, it is pretty much my favourite place in the world to windsurf.  I actually won the contest the last time it was here which was 20 years ago!!!  So to win it again after all these years was pretty special, especially with the conditions we got.  There is a lot of incredible wavesailors in Ireland, everyone was at the contest so it was cool to hear how the conditions have been from different parts of our coast, September has been pretty epic so far so everyone had some good tales to tell!
Timo Mullen

Timo Mullen

What equipment were you using?
I just got delivery of all my new 2014 gear, in the contest i was using the Starboard Koster Kode 87, Starboard Quad 92 and 100, the new boards are so good now you don’t have to even think about the board you just concentrate on what you want to do on the wave, it is pretty mind blowing how good the boards are, Scotty has done such a great job to make wavesailing easy for all the riders!  In the video i’m using the Starboard Quad 74 and the Koster Kode 82.  Sails i’m using the Severne S1 and Blades, in the contest i was on my Swat 5.2 and Blade 5.0.  Pretty much i use Blades most of the time as i like the power and stability that you kind of need sailing in Ireland, for light winds i have a 5.2 Swat as it is so light it behaves more like a 5.7.
Tell us about your video?
I find it really hard to get footage to make video clips, obviously I don’t have a film crew following me around capturing every day i windsurf so its hoping that my younger brother Tam is free to come with me on the day, this video was filmed over just 2 days in September so we were pretty lucky to get the good conditions.  I also have a full time job so i also need to be lucky that the conditions happen at the weekend!!! My younger brother is so talented at making videos, he made ‘Greenie’ a few years ago which was a DVD all about wavesailing in Ireland, we actually have quite a bit of footage from the NW of Ireland so in the next few weeks we will release another video that should show a few more spots and also footage of my brother Finn ripping it up!  The video you see here was shot in Magheroarty at the reef and beachbreak and at another reef break further down the coast.
What are your plans for the winter?
Just to do what i always do, try and be in Ireland whenever it is firing, maybe a few trips to Scotland and then in December i will be in Cape Town again for a month with all my family.
To be honest though Ireland is so good you do not really have to travel anywhere!
OK , thank you Timo, we look forward to seeing some more videos of you over the winter!
Thanks , and i’d better thank my wife Zani for being such a cool wife and looking after our girls when i run away at weekends to Ireland leaving her with the hard job!!!