Three brothers, called Wanja (21), Jakob (20) and Anton (18) Munz from lake Chiemsee in the South of Germany sent us a clip from a trip to the Western Sahara. Two of them, Wanja and Jakob, recently spent nine months on the island of Norderney to do the civil service.

Wanja Munz about the trip: “Right after Anton had finished school in April, we started our first trip by plane ever. We decided to go to Dakhla, a small town in the desert of the Western Sahara, which is located next to Morocco. We slept in small tents close to the lagoon of Dakhla. Each windy day we carried our equipment one kilometer through the desert and found incredible flat water. We wondered being alone almost all the time at such a perfect spot called “Speed spot”. We enjoyed our five-week trip, making new friends, riding clean waves at Oum Labouir and going windsurfing almost every day.”  Check out the cool clip, which contains freestyle action filmed from many different angles in really good quality.


Wanja, Jakob and Anton Munz in Dakhla, Western Sahara, Morocco