“It´s all about variety and expressive riding. If you do the same hack every time people fall asleep watching the footage,” Levi Siver stated in a Windsport article earlier this year written by John Carter.

The Windsurfing Movie II, which got released less than 2 months ago, will not disappoint you! It´s a 60 minutes long action movie, which deserves to be watched on a really big screen. You will follow Levi Siver, one of the most radical wave sailors through one year. Levi is one of west coast Americans, who got resident on Maui, Hawaii since he is a young boy. His parents moved there and founded the Maui Ocean Academy plus gave their son Levi the chance to develop his skills on the water day by day. In this movie he definitely proofs how far he went in wave windsurfing over the years and that it was definitely worth to put a lot of effort and time into the sport he likes most. His sailing is defined by perfect timing and fluid style.

Watch the trailer:


The Story

The Poor Boyz Production crew – with John Decesare and Jace Panebianco as the front men – invested more than 2 years in creating another masterpiece. The super radical shots from different angles like from the helicopter, the water or the jet ski produce a real inside feeling. When watching you feel like being almost on the water as well.

Levi Siver shares waves with the biggest names on Maui, like Robby Naish, Kai Lenny, Jason Polakow, Keith Teboul or Mark Angulo, who also got an extra part in the film. The Hookipa action is followed by big wavesailing in Jaws.

Then the summer starts on Maui and the waves drop. It´s time to escape and search for waves around the globe.
A trip to the George follows, where Levi had his first contact with the sport of windsurfing. Later on Levi and several friends – Francisco Goya, Kai Lenny, Kai Katchadourian and Jace Panebianco have a great time in Oregon and California. And it seems like the guys felt really at home in their territory.

Trips to Baja California, Tahiti and the Marshall Islands follow. Baptiste Gossein, one of the main characters in “The Windsurfing Movie I”, talks about his new life being paralyzed since he crashed on the shallow reef of Teahupoo last summer. It´s a really tough part watching it, but also impressive how he describes his new situation.

The final trip leads the crew of Levi Siver and his friends Keith Teboul, Manu Bouvet and Carine Camboulives to the Marshall islands, located in the Western Pacific ocean. The location offers incredible waves and Levi is on top form nailing goiters on top of 6 meter high waves. Several years ago the biggest nuclear tests took place on two of the islands and severall atolls got completely destroyed. A sad story, which got not mentioned in the movie. From 1946 till 1958 the nuclear tests destroyed several parts of the islands that much, that inhabitants had to leave the areas. Nowadays the radio active contamination is still increased, but did not hinder the waveriding crew from Maui to travel there. “After three years in production, filmed in 8 countries, The Windsurfing Movie II is much more than just an action clip reel; its an emotional ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat, ” says the crew.


The “Windsurfing Movie II” is a film for everybody, who likes to watch perfect wavesailing action in high quality. It´s a movie made by people, who live the sport of windsurfing for many years and create new trends through their obsession and passion. It´s definitely a movie you will watch more often than once.

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