Swedish windsurfer Markus Rydberg released his Viking Diary No. 12  showing his trip to Maui to the Aloha Classic, where he was competing in huge waves. 

Markus Rydberg told us: “Maui was amazing as always. I really enjoyed being there and to participate in the legendary Aloha Classic was a real dream coming true! We had crazy conditions during the competition and I enjoyed both sailing my heats and watching the other guys rip in the huge waves! I also managed to get a lot of freesailing after the contest and I feel that my level improved. It seems like it was a good thing to be there both in the spring and fall.”


Markus Rydberg on Maui 2015

Filmed by: Markus Rydberg, Mikael Linder, Calle Nyberg, Kevin Pritchard
Edited by: Markus Rydberg