updated 07.10.2022

The events in Austria, Lake Neusiedl and Italy, Vieste are completed. Both events saw excellent conditions and results. Unfortunately seven events (Venezuela, Costa Brava, Engadin/Switzerland, Alacati, Rhodes, Geneva & Brouwersdam) got already cancelled. A new event in Leucate has been added. It’s a stand-by event with 2 days of competition only. The Cyprus event isn’t confirmed yet.

Leucate EFPT event 2022

Leucate EFPT event 2022

At the moment Italian Jacopo Testa, PWA freestyle vice World champion 2022,  leads the ranking of the men. The Belgian riders Yentel Caers, Dieter van der Eyken and Steven van Broeckhoven are behind. Dutch rider Maaike Huvermann is leading the women’s ranking. Slovenian Lina Erzen is in second and German Lisa Kloster is in third.


FPT calendar 2022 (provisional)

  • AFPT Venezuela – El Yaque, March 29-April 2 , women & men freestyle windsurfing 20.000$ CANCELLED & POSTPONED TO 2023
  • EFPT Austria – Surf World Cup, April 27-May 1, women & men freestyle windsurfing 15.000€ , COMPLETED
  • EFPT Spain – Costa Brava, May 24-28, women, men & juniors freestyle windsurfing 15.000€ , foil freestyle 5000€ CANCELLED & POSTPONED TO 2023
  • EFPT Italy – Vieste, June 9 -12, men & women freestyle windsurfing 15.000€, COMPLETED
  • EFPT Switzerland – EngadinWing, TBC June 15-19, women & men foil freestyle 10.000€ Rookie Camp (June 14 -17) CANCELLED
  • EFPT Turkey -Alacati, TBC August 31- September 4 (NEW DATES!!) , women & men freestyle windsurfing 20.000€ Rookie Camp (August 29 -30) – CANCELLED
  • EFPT Greece – Theologos, Rhodes, TBC September 7-11, women, men & juniors freestyle windsurfing 15.000€ Rookie Camp (September 6) – CANCELLED
  • EFPT Switzerland – Geneva, GVA Windfestival, TBC, September 14-18 (NEW DATES!!), women & men freestyle windsurfing 10.000€ , tow-in 5000€ Rookie Camp (September 13) – CANCELLED
  • EFPT Holland – Brouwersdam, TBC October 6-9, men freestyle windsurfing 10.000€ Rookie Camp (October 4 – 5) – CANCELLED
  • EFPT Cyprus, TBC October 19-23, women & men foil freestyle 5000€
  • EFPT Leucate, Wesh Center, October 23 – November 1 (waiting period with 2 days of competition), men freestyle, 10.000€ – CONFIRMED
  • AFPT Brazil – Jericoacoara, TBC October 26-30, women & men freestyle windsurfing 15.000$
  • FPT Awards, TBA, December, women & men, 5000€

The first edition of the calendar was introduced in December 2021 with 11 events and the FPT Awards at the end of the year. Unfortunately seven events (Venezuela, Costa Brava, Engadin/Switzerland, Alacati, Rhodes, Geneva & Brouwersdam) got already cancelled. A new event for men only got announced and will take place in Leucate during the last week of October. Additionally Dieter van der Eyken runs Rookie Camps at almost all events – starting in Austria – and they will last in between 1 and 4 days. Every camp will have support from a windsurfing brand with prizes.

The provisional FPT (Freestyle Pro Tour) calendar for 2022 was a big calendar, which not only saw contests in Europe (EFPT). 9 freestyle events were on the calendar and in total more than 120.000 € prize money will be distributed in 2022. And this year the EFPT is expanding to other continents! 2022 will see the addition of the American Freestyle Pro Tour (AFPT) with two events on the initial calendar. Unfortunately the event in Venezuela had to be cancelled already. The creation of the AFPT, which is set to expand in 2023, requires an overseeing structure to combine with the EFPT, and so the FPT (Freestyle Pro Tour) is born.

The EFPT is our effort to create feeding tours for the PWA World Tour, whom we work closely together with, from multiple continents. It is not just about the grassroots of freestyle competitors, it’s also the grassroots of event organizers, a place where they can build their events up through a number of years and eventually become a potential World Tour stop should they be keen to do so. I’m excited for what 2022 has to hold, I can’t wait to see what this coming year has to offer, where our top guys and girls in this sport will take the level to, what new title will be crowned, new moves the will be stuck, who will walk away victorious and all the drama in-between. EFPT CEO Adam Sims


Provisional FPT Calendar 2022