Only 0.31 points separated Philip Köster and Marcilio Browne in the winners final of the 2018 PWA Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival.

In the winners final 3 jumps and two wave rides were counting. Philip won the jumping category but Marcilio showed the better wave riding. We filmed both finals, added the points and in addition caught up with both of the finalist directly after the winners final on the final day of the event. (Women’s finals article coming up later today.)

Philip Köster: 37.89 points (Jumps 25.77, Waves 12.12)
Marcilio Browne: 37.58 points (Jumps 20.82, Waves 16.76)

The Men Finals – PWA Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival 2018

Philip Köster – 1ST Place Heat

Marcilio Browne 2ND Place Heat

Result Men Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival 2018

1. Philip Köster
2. Marcilio Browne
3. Ricardo Campello
4. Victor Fernández
5. Alex Mussolini 
6. Jaeger Stone 
7. Gollito Estredo
7. Adam Lewis
9. Marc Paré Rico 
9. Robby Swift
9. Dieter Van der Eyken
9. Dany Bruch