The Mojo crew, Rudolf Velényi and Bertalan Csik, travelled from Budapest, Hungary to Mykonos in Greece in the beginning of September, where they met the locals János “Zsembi” Zsembera and Panos. Together they shared great windsurfing sessions in the rolling waves of Ftelia. Ftelia is a well known onshore spot, where the Meltemi blows through a long channel. The spot is quite fun, when the north eastern wind is strong and produces some Aegean swell. It’s possible to get some air for floaty jumps or even land Back Loops, Forwards or Push Loops like Panos does.

Summer ain’t over – a wave windsurfing clip from Ftelia, Mykonos, Greece by Mojo

Filmed by Rudolf “Rudy” Velényi &  Bertalan “Berto” Csik