Normally you drive by car or van to the windsurfing spot. It’s easy!! But Leon Struppeck, Loris Vietoris and Foivos Tsoupras decided to take the train and ferry boat in Kiel instead of a motorized vehicle. It was a rainy day. They carried their boards and rigs. And they made it to the spot. And we bet the boys were the happiest people when they put on their wetsuits on that chilly, hazy day. The session on the water was fun. Windsurfing isn’t influenced on how you travel to the spot. And mobility does not only mean physically moving, but also mental mobility, openness and wide horizons. These boys test their own mobility and don’t need a car or big van to go windsurfing… And as soon as you hit the water it’s windsurfing anyway. It’s you, your equipment and your way to ride it. Leon, Loris, Foivos and filmer Tom didn’t spend any money for fuel that day, just for the ferry.

Tom Köhn produced the short film “Ferrytale”, which shows that it’s possible to have a good windsurfing session without driving to the spot by car! Well done!! That’s freestyle and eco-friendly. It’s perhaps a trendsetting way to get on board. Everyone should try out such an adventure one day!

Leon Struppeck, Loris Vietoris and Foivos Tsoupras on their eco-friendly freestyle windsurfing trip through Kiel, Germany

Camera & edit:  Tom Köhn