French freestyle windsurfer Pierre Garambois travelled to Dakhla, Western Sahara last autumn. Now he finally got time to edit the footage and released an excellent video about his windsurfing trip in the desert.

“The clip is about a trip we’ve made with my friend Bastien Rama back in October 2019. I didn’t have time to work on it so far but these days the full lockdown in France gave me a bit of time to do it. I was really looking forward to go to Dakhla because I didn’t know the place and we were supposed to go there last year at the same period. Tickets were booked, but the forecasts were so bad that we decided not to go at the last minute. But this year was the forecast a good one! October is not supposed to be the best moment of the year to go to Dakhla, but in the end it was more than great. We’ve spent 7 days, had 6 days of wind and the perfect day fof rest that you need! No strong conditions, around 20 knots, barely more. But the water is so flat that it’s enough to use 4.4m and a freestyle board. We went to two differents spots: the so-called “speed spot” which is the flattest spot I ever sailed on, and another spot upwind of “Dakhla attitude” on the lagoon, which is more choppy but still fun. Lifestyle wise, we chose to rent a place in the city of Dakhla, 30km from the spots. You have to drive a bit to windsurf everyday but in terms of daily life it’s way more interesting to spend some time in a Western Sahara city than in a camp with other European riders.” Pierre Garambois about the windsurfing trip to Dakhla

Sesh 20.1 – Dakhla – Freestyle windsurfing in Western Sahara with French rider Pierre Garambois