The 2019 IWT Pistol River event had great wind and wave conditions. The wind reached more than 40 knots on the strongest days and made it fun for everyone. Congrats to the winners Sarah Hauser and Morgan Noireaux! 3 more events are scheduled for this season: Baja California, Peru & Maui. It will be an exciting battle for the title and the 50.000 US$ prize money.

“The finals were now counting 3 jumps and 2 wave rides making things just a little more difficult. Bernd Roediger, known for his wave riding did well there, but suffered by not completing his 3rd jump. Jake Schettewi and Morgan Noireaux battled back and forth with waves and jumps.  Both were on point with clean front side turns mixed with backside hits. Morgan just edged out Jake for the win styling through a huge 1-handed and 1-footed Back loop.” The IWT about the pro men final on day 5


Morgan Noireaux wins (Photo: Si Crowther)

Results IWT Pistol River 2019:


1.Sarah Hauser
2. Arrianne Aukes
3. Maria Andres
4. Vicky Abott (injured, we wish a quick recovery!)



1.Morgan Noireaux
2. Jake Schettewi
3. Bernd Roediger
4. Antoine Martin
5. Edvan Sousa
6. Russ Faurot


More shots from the 2019 IWT wave event at Pistol River, Oregon

The natural Pistol River beachfront Pistol River beach – a real jewel for wave riders (Photo: Si Crowther)

Pepe Krause on a mission at Pistol River (Photo: Si Crowther)

Top 3 women (Photo: Si Crowther)

Sarah Hauser & Morgan Noireaux win the pro categories at Pistol River (Photo: Si Crowther)

Winner pro men (Photo: Si Crowther)

The winner in the juniors category, Jake & Z Schettewi, Pepe Krause (Photo: Si Crowther)

Morgan Noireaux hits the lip perfectly (Photo: Si Crowther)

Jake Schettewi rips waves at Pistol River (Photo: Si Crowther)

Edvan De Souza (Photo: Si Crowther)

Bernd Roediger enjoys the conditions in Oregon (Photo: Si Crowther)

Tour leader Antoine Martin goes big (Photo: Si Crowther)

Source: Internationalwindsurfingtour 2019