Salomé & Nascimo Fournier travelled from France to Karpathos last summer. It’s a windy place with a few different spots for windsurfing. The siblings, who are passionate freestyle windsurfers, love the Greek Island, the strong wind and the freedom on the island. They lived in the camper van with their family and enjoyed their time with friends on and off the water. And they landed brilliant moves. Let’s hope the next summer will start soon! 

Libertes – Greekstyle 2020 – a windsurfing video about a trip to Karpathos, Greece with Salome & Nascimo Fournier


THE STORY to the video LibertéS – GrEekstYle 20 by Salomé & Nascimo Fournier

West call is recurrent. We prefer tour to the other side, go look for the sun where it comes, the east CALL, around balkans, around the orient’s border….

here on Crusades’ road, that’s a fucking monstrous past, greeks remains, mythology, roman remains, byzantine empire, knights, arabs, genoese, Venetians, ottoman turks, Italians, …

Skarpanto saw all those people… a bastion of islander RESISTANCE against african and asian pirates, arabs, mauritanians, saracens, turkish tax authorities, recent fascism.

it has only been a few that the island became FREE.. and more orthodox..

In short, a good subject of study for Corto Maltese …

So listen to Yom, and push a bit more the sound of the balkan’s clarinet,

You start to feel the iodine tickling your throat, the white of the salt ponds between the rocks burns your feet, sand wet your eyes widen by the sun…..

you’re starting to leave..

day 25… always windy, a bit too much maybe…. it undermines you, salt…. hands, feet…. so stormy on devil bay…. some Meickys are outside and dancing anyway in the blast, but…. hard…. it hurts….so go to a big session in escape’s spot Arkasa with Laurent and Spyros… 

day 36…. a last café-frappé, toes in water, under the tree, ass in sand….

the head full of pictures….

the sound of cicadas to spend the winter…