The second stage of the Rip Curl Windsurfing Tour at Carro ended without a completed result. The Rip Curl Windsurfing Pro Tour organisation announced on March 27th 2014, that the event will be on on 29th and 30th of March. The wind and swell forecast looked excellent and there was a reason to go for it. 32 rider showed up at at Carro.

But the great forecast changed bit. Saturday saw not enough wind and the riders had to wait till Sunday, when the wind showed up. That was a surprise. The conditions were difficult. Light side on-shore wind conditions, but 3 m high swell with a 20 second period. The riders and the event crew decided to send out 8 riders instead of 4 to speed up the competition a bit. 16 of the 32 riders advanced relatively quick into the quarter finals. The plan worked well. But then the wind dropped during the first quarter final and it was no longer possible for the riders to put a good show on the water. That forced the organization to cancel this second stop of RipCurl Windsurfing Pro Tour. 32 motivated riders left Carro without a valid result. Thomas Traversa leaves Carro as the tour leader.

Kilian Ducouedic, Philippe Mesmeur, Julien Taboulet, Regis Bouron , Jb Caste and Jules Denel, Xavier Huart. Alexandre Grand Guillot, Damien Eymard, Fred Jezequel , JM De Ridder , Mathieu Mautalen, Antony Ruenes , Cedric Bordes, Nicolas Reynes and Yann Sorlut advanced to the quarter finals. Just 7 heats were missing to see a completed result in the end.


“We all look forward to provide you with a new adventure soon. We hope for more stable conditions at the next event to get a second full result. 

I decided in favour of the cancellation. For me is fair. So we forget this one, but we still got massive wave conditions. It was fun, we got good pics, but unfortunately the wind dropped at the end and we didn’t get enough time to finish, what’s sad!!! Carro is not dead, we can return later in the season and start a new elimination. 

Now we will focus on two spots till end of June: Hossegor with really sick potential and Ile Rousse on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, where it can be good, too. But a little bit more complicated to go there as we need a ferry on last minute. So we will see. If Carro will turn on with really radical conditions we can go back.  But at the moment I plan to go return to Carro in between October and December.” JB Caste, tour manager

©Pics: Jean Souville Text: JB Caste & 2014