Michal “Mitch” Chovan, who is originally from Slovakia, lives and works in Fuerteventura. We know Mitch and he really loves the wind and the waves and if there is no wind or are no waves he spends time in the skate park. His friends from the Slovakian band ElevenHill released their single called “Ride your wave” in November and they decided to produce a music clip in Fuerteventura with Mitch as the main character riding different boards. We really like the approach to include water sport in a music clip (although the windsurfing could be a bit more) and hope ElevenHill will produce more songs connected to water and windsurfing.

Music video “Ride your wave” by ElevenHill, featuring Michal “Mitch” Chovan

Music/Lyrics – Marian Ferenc, Radoslav Hanzel
Recorded by – ElevenHill, keys – Peter Kocis, back vox – Dida Duncko; Julka Smolkova
Produced by – Martin Migas, ElevenHill
Camera – Andrzej Dyrda, Matthias Reich
Edited by – Peter Janus, ElevenHill