With no more conditions during the event period the decision has been made to officially end the Omaezaki Japan World Cup meaning that all results stand as they were after the opening day.

That means, Matoko Sato wins the women’s event ahead of Maria Andrés and Jane Seymour. And in the men’s division are 8 winners, as there was not enough wind to complete the elimination.

Matoko Sato Backside hit

Matoko Sato Backside hit

Result Spicare Omaezaki Japan World Cup

Women’s Wave
1st Matoko Sato 
2nd Maria Andrés
3rd Jane Seman
4th Pauline Katz 

Men’s Wave
1st Takara Ishii 
1st Antoine Martin 
1st Morgan Noireaux 
1st Philip Köster 
1st Marc Paré
1st Ricardo Campello 
1st Bernd Roediger 
1st Marcilio Browne

U15 Girls
1. Natsuki Wakasa
2. Nozomi Sakai
3. Cocoro Ono

U15 Boys
1. Haruto Konishi
2. Ryoma Sugi
3. Itsuki Noguchi

1. Hayata Ishii
2. Ryu Noguchi
3. Yuki Takanashi

1. Yoshitaka Ikeda
2. Takashi Endo
3. Kyota Morita