Raphael Bauer calls Brouwersdam in the Netherlands his home spot. The 15 year-old windsurfer from Yutz in the Lorraine has started windsurfing 6 years ago. He discovered freestyle around one year ago and participated in the DAM-X EFPT freestyle event, what was his first participation in a big international freestyle event. He didn’t win anything, but enjoyed the atmosphere in the Netherlands and the ideal conditions in the freestyle pool. Looks like he already creates new variation of a Kono (PushTack into Kono) at 1:19. Raphael not only likes windsurfing, he loves snowboarding, jumping on the trampoline or playing on the slack line. When the wind forecast isn’t good for Brouwersdam, he tries to convince his parents to drive all the way down to South of France. Raphael is on a good way and we are sure he will land many more freestyle moves soon.

Raphael Bauer (15) with freestyle action from Brouwersdam, Netherlands