Dear Peter,
when we received the news this morning we could not believe it. We remember the good old days we sat in our caravan at Costa Brava and you told us about the perfect waves in Western Australia. Peter, you always had great stories to tell. You were on the water till the last light was gone, you gave it all, you fought back through the double and you went for the biggest lip to get massive air. You got the full package what a real windsurfing pro needs and you influenced the sport heavily with your radical attitude, your touching smile, your friendliness and your go for it mentality. You are a real legend and you will never die and we will always remember you!

Continentseven, 30.06.2015


The Dutch windsurfer Peter Volwater had to stop his World Cup career just before the start of the Slalom in Turkmenistan in 2014. He was suffering a mental illness and he tried everything with the help of his family, friends and specialists to get back on track. One year later, after everything started badly in Turkmenistan Peter was found dead. Our deepest thoughts go to his family and friends in this hard time.


Peter Volwater – Best Moments