Watch some of the highlights from the freestyle single elimination at the PWA World Cup in Sylt in Germany. There was no doubt Amado Vrieswijk was the best rider out there posting the highest heat scores and nailing a clean Double Air Culo, too. The conditions were rough and wild with a lot of white water and strong onshore wind. Steven van Broeckhoven, Adrien Bosson and Dieter van der Eyken were the other riders, who made it into the top 4, too.

Result single elimination:

1.Amado Vrieswijk
2.Steven van Broeckhoven
3.Adrien Bosson
4.Dieter van der Eyken
5.Balz Müller, Gollito Estredo, Jacopo Testa, Sam Esteve

PWA Windsurf World Cup 2019 – Freestyle Single Elimination Highlights Men