The 2021 SOMWR 10 x Marignane PWA Grand Slam – it was the second PWA event happening in Marignane next to Marseille in history – did not see too many hours of wind. Luckily the freestyle windsurfers had some wind on two days (day 6 and 7) at the open sea spot Le Carro. Sarah-Quita Offringa and Amado Vrieswijk won the pro women and pro men category. A full single elimination made a valid result for the ranking and the World title. It was the first PWA freestyle competition in more than two years. The last event happened in Sylt in September/October 1999. Sarah-Quita Offringa and Amado Vrieswijk are the freestyle title winners in this special season. 16 year old Lina Erzen from Slovenia and 17 year old Lennart Neubauer from Greece won the PWA Youth freestyle titles. It’s the first World title for Amado. Sarah-Quita added title 18 and 19 to her collection when leaving Marignane. The freestyle fleets were quite small this time with 9 ladies and 23 men competing. A few big names were not in France: Giovanni Passani, Nic Hibdige, Julian Wiemar, Francesco Cappuzzo, Davy Scheffers, Riccardo Marca and a few more

Youp Schmit from Bonaire won a tow-in freestyle competition on the final event day, ahead of Amado Vrieswijk and Steven van Broeckhoven.

All other disciplines, wave men and women, Slalom men, Slalom women and Foil women did not get any results in Marignane. So the results from Israel count for the racing disciplines. The wave windsurfer need to wait for the 2022 season to compete for the wave titles. Just the youth wave sailors were lucky having great conditions in Cold Hawaii.

The PWA Grand Slam in Marignane ended a day earlier as planned due to a potential COVID cluster. Additionally absolutely no wind was on the radar. 2021 again was tough year due to the COVID pandemic. In total 4 events took place. One result only counts for the 2021 PWA Overall World Titles.  Let’s see if 2022 will see an improvement in the world wide crisis, what could result positively on the World Tour in windsurfing. It’s definitely hard for everyone – the riders, the tour & event organizers, the sponsors, the industry, the media – to plan the next season. Good luck for everyone!

2021 SOMWR 10x  Marignane PWA Grand Slam – After Video


PWA Overall Results 2021


Overall Ranking 2021 PWA World Tour – Women’s Slalom

1.Sarah-Quita Offringa

2.Marion Mortefon

3.Delphine Cousin Questel


Overall Ranking 2021 PWA World Tour – Women’s Freestyle

1.Sarah-Quita Offringa

2.Maaike Huvermann

3.Oda Brødholt

Lina Erzen 2021 Youth Ladies Freestyle title 


Overall Ranking 2021 PWA World Tour – Women’s Foil

1.Marion Mortefon

2.Helle Oppedal

3.Blanca Alabau


Overall Ranking 2021 Youth PWA World Tour – Girl’s U20 Wave

1.Maria Morales Navarro

2.Maria Behrens

3.Line Bang


Overall Ranking 2021 PWA World Tour – Men’s Slalom (Fin & foil combined, two events, one counts)

1.Nicolas Goyard

2.Pierre Mortefon

3.William Huppert

Francesco Scagliola 2021 Youth Boys Slalom title 


Overall Ranking 2021 PWA World Tour – Men’s Freestyle 

1.Amado Vrieswijk

2.Adrien Bosson

3.Yentel Caers

Lennart Neubauer 2021 Youth Boys Freestyle title 


Overall Ranking 2021 Youth PWA World Tour – Boy’s U20 Wave

1.Takuma Sugi

2.Liam Dunkerbeck

3.Marino Gil