Wild Birds – A film by Spaako

Wild Birds flies you around the world, soaring on the winds of Holland, Maui, Bonaire, Belgium, Western Australia, and Denmark.

This movie documents the best wavesailing and freestyle action on the planet.
Starring Wild Birds: Peter Volwater, Robby Naish, Tonky Frans, Kauli Seadi, Levi Siver, Taty Frans, Andre Paskowski, Kevin Mevissen, and many more.


A high quality windsurf action documentary. Experience the atmosphere, passion, dedication and feel what it’s like to live the dream: being a Wild Bird.


Film running time: 47 min. Extras running time: 75 min.
DVD format: NTSC, region code free.
Release date: 2006


Surfer’s magazine (Germany) stated: “Wild Birds is not just one more of those action movies or predictable trick-to-trick videos, but an intelligent composed action documentary. The shots and music are edited perfectly. It’s obvious that Wild Birds is made by a filmmaker with a professional filming background.”