Philip Köster and his best friend and caddy Jorge Vera spend a lot of time together on and off the water. Most of the year they share the waves at their home spots in Gran Canaria but if a good forecast pops up they leave the island, like last year in September. They saw a great forecast for Western Australia and booked a flight to the land of endless left handers.
Only the last trip, a few weeks ago, got a disaster for Philip, because he injured his knee while crashing an Aerial. Jorge had to drive 1200 km in one day to bring Philip to Perth and get him as quick as possible on a plane back to Europe. Fast forward, the surgery went well and Philip is on the road to recovery but it will take some months to see him back on the water with his windsurfing gear.
But Philip has some spare time now and edited a clip with left over footage from a trip to Western Australia in 2015. It shows him and Jorge riding some thick long waves. It’s great to see he did not stop dreaming about windsurfing despite his heavy injury and the break in his career. We all know how hard it is to be off the water for a long time. We wish Philip the best possible recovery and really hope that he will be back on the water soon. 


Philip Köster and Jorge Vera in the waves of Western Australia