Paolo Biondani’s freestyle action from Lago di Santa Croce – Video

Italian windsurfer Paolo Biondani published a new video with freestyle windsurfing action from the lake “Lago di Santa Croce”.

The Lago di Santa Croce is located in the province of Belluno, Veneto in Italy. The spot is located a one hour drive from Venice and 2,5 hours from Lake Garda. During this time of the year the spot offers a proper thermal effect for windsurfing and Paolo lands a few nice moves with his 87 liter board and 4,8m sail. Originally the lake was smaller, but the size increased by building a dam in the 30s. Lago die Santa Croce is a well known spot within the freestyle scene from northern Italy, Austria or southern Germany. Due to the good infrastructure for camping and the fantastic panorama with mountains in the background it’s definitely worth a trip.

Paolo Biondani at Lago di Santa Croce, Italy – Video

Paolo’s girlfriend Maria Carla filmed the action.

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