Maciek Rutkowski, Przemek Sieminski & Daniel Dmytrów travelled to the Mediterranean jewel of Sardinia in the end of November 2021, when a good swell hit the island. The conditions were rough, but Maciek and his crew braved the elements and surfed big waves. They met local Jacopo Testa, who guided them to the best spots. The result is a fantastic video, which shows the real difficulties windsurfers have to deal with in their daily life. It’s an outdoor spot, which needs a few important ingredients.

We decided to go to Sardinia for a 3 day forecast… We had no idea what to expect. What we experienced is probably the most diverse, crazy 72 hour trip I’ve ever been a part of. Windsurfing, surfing, starboard tack, port tack, great food, good people, amazing landscapes, south of the island, north of the island, rain… rain… more rain. But most importantly fun. And a lot of it! Can’t wait to do another trip soon! Maciek Rutkowski

Maciek Rutkowski, Przemek Sieminski & Jacopo Testa had a lot of fun riding waves in rough conditions – a fantastic video about a 72 hour short trip to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia

Filmed by Daniel Dmytrów

Edited by Kazper Wozniak