David Ezzy, company owner of Ezzy Sails and father of wavesailor Graham Ezzy, is a legend in sailmaking and a perfectionist. He developed a lot of helpful tools to give the endconsumer the chance finding the right down- and outhaul. Kevin Pritchard, who has joined the team of Ezzy after he has left Gaastra and the Worldtour circuit in winter 2010/2011, did an interview with his boss. David Ezzy talks about how he started windsurfing, how he came to Maui at the beginning of his career and how he started to work on the sewing machine.

David Ezzy told Malte Simmer, who taught him how to make sails: 
For two years you don’t have to pay me and afterwards I would start my own company. And that’s what I did!David Ezzy

This is the first of three clips about David Ezzy, who built his first sail in 1983.


Video Interview with sailmaker David Ezzy – Part 1 – On The Sewing Machine