Day 7 at the NoveNove Aloha Classic 2016 was a day with light wind but still big waves. 8 ladies heats and 2 men heats got completed. Kai Lenny was the rider of the day and won heat 44 against Camille Juban, Robby Swift and Morgan Noireaux. It was a real sudden death heat with only the top rider from four advancing to heat 46 directly. Heat 45 got skipped to save time. In the last valid heat (Heat 45) of  day 7 waterman Kai Lenny defeated his team mate Bernd Roediger. Kai will now face Levi Siver in the battle for third and fourth place.

But before he can challenge Levi he needs conditions and at the moment it doesn’t look that good. Although the second huge swell arrived today, it is not possible to sail at Ho’okipa, because the spot is closing out. But Jaws is breaking and perhap we will see the start of the WSL Peahi Challenge on Thursday.

The ladies need to sail 4 or 5 heats to complete the double elimination. Sarah-Quita Offringa, Shawna Cropas, Jessica Crisp and Tatiana Howard will compete in the next ladies heat.

Watch a great video from day 7 including fantastic drone shots, brilliant wave sailing action and interviews with the top riders.

NoveNove Aloha Classic 2016 action from Ho’okipa on day 7