Last year’s Aloha Classic winner Morgan Noireaux was able to defend his top place on the podium and won the single elimination in front of Kauli Seadi, Thomas Traversa and Camille Juban. Hookipa delivered again on Day 2 of the NoveNove Maui Aloha Classic allowing the single elimination to be completed. The swell may have dropped significantly in comparison to yesterday, but to put Wednesday’s swell into context there were still over mast high sets peeling along Ho’okipa. 
The women’s single elimination got started as well and the opening couple of heats were completed. Nayra Alonso made a winning return to the competition scene as she defeated Tatiana Howard, whilst Vicky Abbot advanced over Ulrike Hölzl. Tomorrow the race crew will resume the competition with round two of the women.


  1. Morgan Noireaux
  2. Kauli Seadi
  3. Thomas Traversa
  4. Camille Juban
  5. Robby Naish, Kevin Pritchard

Photos – Day 2