Morgan Noireaux with finest wave windsurfing action from Maui: he rides Lanes with clean Kona conditions. Morgan, who returned to NeilPryde in 2019, performs very well at all tacks. He nails stylish Aerials off the lip in port tack conditions. Textbook!! Morgan uses not the 2019 NP models, as he did not receive his new sails, yet.

This was my first Kona session since last winter. We don’t get a lot of port tack days on Maui so got to take advantage of it when you can! I figured it was going to be a fun day so I messaged Jake Miller from Aerial Video Maui to see if he could come down. He got some amazing drone shots (some of my favorites I blew it on unfortunately haha) and some cool land shots as well. All in all a classic Kona day with just a few friends. Morgan Noireaux

Morgan Noireaux rides Lanes on Maui with Kona conditions

Filmed by Aerial Video Maui