Last updated July 8, 2019.

A lot of sponsor deals for 2019 are sealed. Here are the latest news:

Tony Mõttus from Estonia, who lives over the winter months in Vietnam, joined Severne Sails:

Tony Mõttus:“Stoked to finally let you guys know and announce my new sail sponsor Severne Sails. Super happy to be officially part of their team and ride one of the best gear in the world. All the stuff is just epic. Thanks for everybody who have been involved in this process. Now it’s time to go big!”

Tony Moettus Severne Sails 2019 Photo by Oskar Kelk

Dutch wave sailor Martin “Lampi” Ten Hoeve left Simmerstyle and now rides for Flikka & KA.Sails.

Lampi on KASails

Lampi on KA.Sails in 2019. He riggs the new sails together with importer Peter Weitenberg

Danish racer Kurosh Kiani, who was on Point-7 for a few seasons, joined Severne Sails now. 

“I´ve got some exciting news to share with you all.. As of this season, I´ll be part of the Severne team!! Pretty damn stoked and looking forward to racing with this gear in my hands for this and future seasons to come.”

Fred Morin from New Caledonia rides not for Patrik/NeilPryde anymore. He joined Starboard/Severne for 2019: “This is a big change for me but I’m super honored to still have some person like Svein, Martin and the team, who still believe in me. I think we will make a good job in terms of image and dream sport return. I will compete again in slalom and foiling, but only in the Pacific area in Australia, NZ , Tahiti and NC, but will enter in the PWA event in New Caledonia in the end of 2019. It’s a new beginning for me and super stoked and motivated.”

Fred Morin joins Starboard /Severne in 2019

Fred Morin joins Starboard /Severne in 2019

Top racer and wave rider Julien Quentel (32), who is on the PWA since 2004, left Avanti Sails and joined GunSails for 2019.

Reigning Slalom PWA World Champion 2018 Antoine Albeau (46), who left RRD, returned to JP-Australia in 2019. He already was on that board brand from 2009 until 2012. Let’s see, if he will win his 26th World Title in 2019.

Young talented Italian racer Francesco Scagliola (18) joins Patrik after three years with Starboard Italy.

Young talented German youth freestyler Lucas Nebelung (18) will ride for JP / NeilPryde in 2019.

Lucas Nebelung shows his new gear

Young German freestyle talent Lucas Nebelung shows his new gear

Young talented French youth freestyler Nil Bacon (16), who was born in Noumea, New Caledonia, rides for Loftsails and Unifiber. He will not ride on Severne anymore.

16 years old freestyler Nil Bacon rides for Loftsails & Unifiber

16 years old French freestyler Nil Bacon rides for Loftsails & Unifiber in 2019

Taty Frans (34) not only changed his sail sponsor. Arnon Dagan, the owner of the new established board brand Future Fly, will support the universal windsurfer from Bonaire. Taty, who left Gaastra now leaves Starboard after many years of collaboration, too. Imagine, he got the chance to test and co-develop freestyle boards for Starboard in 2005 for the first time. Since then he was riding for the Tiki brand. I the end he was in an active collaboration with the Thailand based board brand for about 13 years. Now he will use Future Fly boards for Slalom and Foil racing and will use Freestyle boards produced by Aurelio Verdi. All in all it’s a completely new start with new board sponsors and Point-7 as the new sail sponsor. Let’s see if Taty will battle for top places on the race courses around the globe. Good luck!!

Taty Frans: “When you respect yourself and believe that all decisions you make are taken with a peaceful mind, it’s then you know you are doing the right thing. The reason I choose to join Arnon/Future Fly Team is because I feel I will add value to this brand, not only as a team rider, but I also see FF as a perfect platform to achieve a positive impact in the windsurfing world. I have much respect for a brand that see value in its athletes and for that I will go where I feel safe and at home. I have no doubt that Future fly will always strive to make the best boards as already in the near future we will be adding the years of experience from both Arnon and myself for this purpose. Are you ready to fly….? Because I am certainly ready..!!!”

Arnon Dagan: “The Frans brothers are the perfect example of what windsurfing is to me. They bring the beauty of our sport to life with their cool calm relaxed and always positive vibes, yet you put them on a board and they’ll get powerful, mega fast, crazy and super stylish! Having Taty on the team trusting us is Future Fly’s first real achievement. We welcome him with open arms and shell support and help him be the best he can be!”

Taty Frans joins Future Fly for 2019

Taty Frans joins Future Fly for 2019 (Photo: Lorenzo Mittiga / Future Fly)

Polish racer Wojtek Brozozowski, the 7-times Formula Windsurfing World Champion, returned to his former sponsor Starboard and will ride on Severne, too. He leaves Patrik and Sailloft.

Young German windsurfer & musician Julien Pockrandt left Goya Windsurfing and now rides for Starboard. He has big plans and wants to participate in a few Slalom World Cups.

German speed junkie and former worldcupper Andy Laufer left Fanatic/Duotone and now rides under the flag of JP/NeilPryde.

German Andy Laufer joins NeilPryde/JP-Australia

German Andy Laufer joins NeilPryde/JP-Australia

Taty Frans is not an GA anymore and joins Point-7. It’s officially announced by Taty. He already picked up his new equipment in Europe and tests it in Bonaire.

Taty Frans is testing his new sails

Taty Frans is testing his new sails at his home turf in Bonaire

Andrea Cucchi about the new established Point-7 team for 2019: „For the Point-7 Black Team, for 2019, we selected riders who were going to give a big plus to our brand, not only in terms of results, but who would be motivated to work with effort on development, busy participating to clinics and stages in our Point-7 windsurfing centres, and mainly having smiles and fun with our windsurfing fans.  Our team covers each discipline and sail line, and we will support our Black Team members to keep them at the top and have success in their goals.“

Kiri Thode from Bonaire, PWA freestyle world champion in 2013, will ride for Severne in 2019 and try a comeback in international competitions.

Kiri Thode rides on Severne in 2019 (Pic: Kuma Movie)

Kiri Thode rides on Severne in 2019 (Pic: Kuma Movie)

Turkish racer Fulya Ünlü returned to Severne Sails after a few seasons on Point-7.

Italo/German racer Malte Reuscher leaves Fanatic/Duotone after one season and continues in the international team of Tabou/GA international.

Julien Quentel leaves Avanti after 3 years: “After three years of collaboration with Avanti It’s the end. A new page that turns.”

Daniel Bruch joined GA Sails and will not ride on Flight sails anymore.

Dudu Levi, freestyler from Israel, will ride for Starboard in 2019.

Dudu Levi on Starboard

Dudu Levi on Starboard

Tonky Frans is not with RRD anymore. No news on new sponsors yet.

Arnon Dagan leaves RRD and makes his own boards called Future Fly boards. Italian Aurelio Verdi is the shaper of Future Fly. “Time to say goodbye. It’s been 6 amazing seasons with RRD International but all good things must come to an end.” 

French Windmag reports that Antoine Albeau has no board contract for 2019 yet. That means he would leave RRD. Link to the article:

After a very successful season Maciek Rutkowski leaves I-99 and joins the new board brand FMX Racing from Finian Maynard.

Maciek about his change: “I’m super excited to finally announce that my new board sponsor will be FMX Racing! I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this newborn brand whose focus on performance totally overlaps with my drive to continue getting better as a racer. I’m pretty sure Finian is the best racing designer at the moment and after trying the boards I have 100% confidence that they will help me to get to the next level! So stoked!”

Talented junior wave sailor Max Hochgrassl Dujat des Allimes will not ride anymore for JP-Australia / NeilPryde in 2019 after 3 year of collaboration.

After one year without board sponsor, Antoine Martin is back on JP-Australia.


Top freestyler Steven van Broeckhoven, the PWA freestyle World Champion in 2011, left JP-Australia and joins Starboard.

Steven van Broeckhoven with his new board at the boot Düsseldorf – Pic: Valentin Böckler

Kevin Pritchard left Starboard after many years, many victories and many titles: “Thanks for some of the best times of my life Starboard Windsurfing! From 2001 until now you have always supported me the best way you could. Thank you very much for everything!”

Kevin Pritchard joined Goya Windsurfing: “I am really happy to join up with the Goya team. I have always envied the team and products and I am happy to be on board. Its kinda my dream opportunity. From testing, to training, to foil windsurfing, I think I can be a good addition to the team. I really enjoy sailing with Marcilio „Brawzinho“ Browne and I hope to be able to share some of my competitive knowledge with him to help him dominate on the world tour. Testing products and being prepared for competition has always been my strong points, so sharing it with him and the rest of the team will be a great opportunity.”

Kevin Pritchard with an Aerial on his new board

Kevin Pritchard with an Aerial on his new board

Maui based top wave rider and multiple Aloha Classic winner Morgan Noireaux left S2Maui after one season and returns to NeilPryde, his first sail sponsor in his career. Morgan Noireaux: “Back for some new adventures with Neilpryde was my very first sail sponsor back when I was 11 years old. A lots changed since then but it feels good to be back.”

Kurosh Kiani has left Point-7: “I’m announcing that after a 5 year adventure, I will not be representing the sail brand Point-7 anymore, neither on or off the water. After mutual good faith and relationship over the years, our core values simply don’t align anymore. I thank them for all of their support in me over the years, which I appreciate, and wish them all of the best of success in the future years.” 

Ben van der Steen left I-99 and changed to Goya. Ben states about his change to Goya: “I am very happy to announce that I will be joining Goya Boards as a racer and also as part of the r&d of the new Proton Boards!! It all started off with me and Lalo joking about joining Goya, but when we sat down and had a look at it, it looked pretty good for working something out. We got to an agreement pretty quick after that. I am looking forward to get on the new boards and start the racing season on these new yellow rockets!! On the sail side I have extended my contract with GunSails for another year and for wetsuits, harnesses and clothing I will also stay with Brunotti!”

Ben van der Steen rides for Goya in 2019

Ben van der Steen rides for Goya in 2019


Camille Juban leaves Simmer Sails and joins S2 Maui. S2 Maui: “This will be an exciting collaboration which fits perfectly with S2Maui‘s philosophy to always push for innovative, next level performance. Looking forward to the next swell!”

Italian wave rider Andrea Franchini rides full on Simmer. In the past he was on I-99/Severne.

Andrea Franchini rides on Simmer in 2019

Italian wave rider Andrea Franchini rides on Simmer in 2019.

Kauli Seadi, Finian Maynard, Ben van der Steen, Serena Zoia, Ramon Pastor Maltas, Matteo & Nicolo Spanu are not on I-99 in 2019 anymore.

Yentel Caers on I99 in 2019

Yentel Caers on I99 in 2019

New names have joined the I-99 World Team 2019: freestyle top ranked rider Yentel Caers (B-16) left JP-Australia. The renewed slalom fleet with experienced Antoine Questel (FRA-99), who left Starboard, the young slalom rider Basile Jacquin (FRA-498) and the Italian Bruno Martini (ITA-160)Andrea Ferin (ITA-111), who were on RRD, will battle on the Slalom and Foil fields. Fujiko Onishi (J-94), Akinori Goshi (JPN-1), Leon Delle (GER-6) complete the racing team.
The “double loops master” Josep Pons (E-203), who left Simmer Sails is the one to look after on the upcoming 2019 PWA Wave Tour with the full motivation to reach top wave ranking. Josep will also develop the future I-99 wave boards at his ideal test and training spots in Gran Canaria. Patrick Vigouroux, world class wave rider will provide his technical experience for R&D and new wave designs at I-99. 

Josep Pons (E-203) joins the Italian board brand I-99

Wave pro & wave coach Josep Pons (E-203) joins the Italian board brand I-99 and the Italian sail brand Point-7. He leaves Simmer Sails.

Following I-99 freestyle riders are confirmed: the Caribbeans Youp Schmit (NB-12) and Davis Paternina (V-04), the young talented Eugenio Marconi (ITA-312) together with our “Team Germany” riders Johanna Rümenapp (GER-190)Valentin Böckler (G-315) and Niclas Nebelung (GER-584), who are also involved in the EFTP and promoting the brand in all the German events and contests.


Antoine Questel on I-99

Antoine Questel left Starboard and rides for I-99

Iballa and Daida Ruano Moreno left Starboard and signed a deal with the Severne boards program. They have been using Severne sails for some years already and will now ride with Severne boards, too. Ben Severne: “Stoked to have Iballa and Daida riding our boards – they’re some of the most professional windsurfers ever, and most importantly they rip. I’m inspired by all the work they put into events and also women’s windsurfing. Their love of the sport is obvious, and windsurfing is just much better due to their involvement. Having them represent our brand is an absolute honor.”

Ricardo Campello announced not to ride on Point-7 in 2019: “Very sad to announce that I won’t be riding Point-7 sails for 2019, after 4 great years with great results it’s time to say good bye and thank you for the good and bad things! I still don’t have a position for 2019 but soon I will be letting you know my plans!”

Ricardo is actually testing sails from Flight Sails in South Africa.

French freestyle windsurfing pro Nicolas Akgazciyan joined JP-Australia/NeilPryde. The last sponsors of the 33 year old Frenchman from Leucate were I-99 and Challenger Sails.

Nicolas Akgazciyan – Pic: Basile

 Italian racer Bruno Martini left Point-7 and will sail with ChallengerSails.
„I’m really happy about my new sail sponsor. I immediately had a really good feeling when I went in the water with my new stuff, I felt solid and confident, more then ever. I will take part in all the Foil and Slalom events and I am training as much as possible with the foil to be competitive. For sure I’m aiming to the top,“ says Bruno about his change.


The F2 team is growing again: Italian freestyle windsurfer Marco Vinante joined F2 international as his new board sponsor and will keep on going with Point-7 as his sail sponsor.

UK freestyler Jamie Howard will ride for F2 international. He was on JP-Australia/Severne.

Young Italian freestyle talent Ben Masoner joined F2 international, too. Austrian freestyler Paul Simmerl rides 100% on F2, boards & sails. German windsurfer Kevin Langbehn changes from Severne to the international F2 team and will use their boards and sails.

Team F2 grows for 2019

Team F2 grows for 2019

Paul Simmerl 100% on F2 in 2019

Paul Simmerl rides 100% on F2 in 2019. Here with some action from Cape Town testing his new board & sail.

French world class racer Cyril Moussilmani will ride 100% for RRD in 2019. He left Severne Sails after he has been under the flag of the Australian brand for 7 years. He developed a new weapon together with John Skye, the new X-Wing MK I. It’s his second season with RRD, where he signed a two years contract. “It’s the first time in the RRD history that a top level slalom racer is full equipped with RRD products,” RRD stated.

Gabriel “Varruxx” Varrucciu is not on Naish anymore. He is national team rider for Tabou/Gaastra now.

Freestyle youngsters from Slovenia, Lina & Val Erzen, join the Duotone team.

Lina Erzen rides the storm in Sardinia

Lina Erzen rides the storm in Sardinia

Val & Lina Erzen with Duotone in 2019

Val & Lina Erzen with Duotone in 2019

French racing expert Alexandre Cousin will not ride for GA Sails anymore. He joined the French sail and foil producer Phantom International “He will compete in both discipline foiling (with IRIS RF) and slalom (with IRIS R) including PWA Tour.” Emmanuel Massiaen, international sales & marketing manager Phantom International
Alexandre will be the team mate of windfoiling expert Thomas Goyard, who joined Phantom International earlier in the year already.

Estonian slalom champion Tristen Erik Kivi joined Starboard. He was on Patrik the last two years. He will stay with Point-7. In 2019 he wants to compete in all PWA events.

Young motivated freestyle windsurfer Eilan “Pini” Wilson from Eilat, Israel will not be on Point-7 anymore, he joined Challenger Sails for 2019. Pini has been with Point-7 for 3 years!

Estonian freestyler and wave rider Tony Möttus, who lives in Vietnam and runs a watersport camp there, started a collaboration with the custom made brand Onehundred Boardz from Slovenia. Finally he found a board sponsor after many years without any support!